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About the Rotary - IEP Partnership

Peace is more than the absence of violence — it’s creating and sustaining societies that allow all people to flourish. Launched in 2017, the Rotary-IEP Partnership – through IEP’s Pillars of Positive Peace framework – equips Rotary members with knowledge, resources and tools to apply innovative peacebuilding approaches to their communities while addressing underlying causes of conflicts. Learn more.


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Rotary Positive Peace Academy

Discover the strategies and tools that can help individuals, Rotarians like yourselves, cities and nations to build and sustain peace in this free online course.

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IEP Ambassador Program

Connect with peacemakers and other professionals around the world, expand your skills in the areas of peace research, and learn about investing in the factors that build peace in this short intensive training.

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Positive Peace Activator

This competitive application program trains active Rotarians, Rotaractors, Rotary Peace Fellows, and other Rotary stakeholders in specific regions on IEP’s Positive Peace framework.

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Positive Peace Activators

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Why Positive Peace?

IEP's Positive Peace research demonstrates that lasting peace cannot be built merely on the absence of violence, but rather requires a supportive social system inclusive of factors such as good governance, access to needed services, a sound business environment and respect for the right of others.

Rotary's Areas of Focus - peacebuilding and conflict prevention, but also disease prevention and treatment, water, sanitation and hygiene, maternal and child health, basic education and literacy, and community economic development - all integral investments in Positive Peace.

IEP's empirical research helps illuminate these drivers of peace, providing data that peacebuilders can utilise to enhance the impact of their initiatives.

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